Full of crap…

This one is full of crap!

Have you enjoyed making up stories to cover up for your little mistakes? I guess…hehehe I often laugh at mere white lies. Can you imagine yourself savoring white lies? It is quite fun having these nonsense escape you. It is a wishful thinking, release of what’s suppose to consume your common sense.  Let me see if I can generate examples of what I want to convey to you readers…

There was this lady whom I am friends with for years now, she always tells me stuff which I would love to hear, or so she thought, because whenever we converse I would rather agree and smile back at her. And when she would ask me things I was suppose to have accomplished for her I would simply make up an excuse, just a small one-close to the truth to cover up for my shortcomings or mistakes.

I am not a techie, I don’t understand or even bother to be updated from all  new stuff that is being upgraded every now and then. Mobile phones are indeed proven essential yet I don’t think owning the latest and most expensive one is necessary but I do like seeing new gadgets once in a while.

I always pretend to be the “know all” person…when in fact I would just learn things when I need to…just that a keen pick up is very useful to me, though I am a bookworm and would often adopt what I can. I just enjoy being the know all person that I am now… but do you know that sometimes acting as if you’re dumb is quiet exciting and fun? you ought to try it …


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