A new beginning

A new blossom…spring is finally here

It’s been quite sometime now since I decided to free myself with my past. I have clung onto it since I became aware of my surroundings, memories from childhood to adulthood. Bitter-sweet memories and crazy stuff. Now that would be some accounting
How do you really let go of the past? How do I start anew? Can I forget everything that has happened? Have I had enough of all these? Have I learned from all my mistakes?
I never knew how to answer all my questions or if I really want to stop and think off answers. I’ve always been so proud not letting emotions overcome me. As a defense I’ve devised this façade that I thought would protect me, and help me sort out things.Then came the denial stage…followed by delusions and betrayal. All along I felt pain, confusion and distraught.
But somehow everything turned around in a blink of an eye… it happened so fast I was caught myself enjoying the happiness and contentment I am experiencing now. I have decided to take a step towards a new life, I renewed my Faith with God, keep constant check on my moral values, mistakes and started to lead my 3 kids too. Doing volunteer services for the church and attending extra activities involving Christians like us. It’s not as if I am not encountering problems anymore, but it’s a fact that each of us will always be tested but for now I can safely say, we are happy and living by God’s grace.


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