Help!!! What’s for dinner?

It’s such a dilemma for I am not that great of a cook nor brave enough to express my adventurous side to culinary arts. Well as a matter of fact I imagine things beyond reasons, preparing exquisite meals to feed my 3 kids and 2 sisters, but we all have our own meal preferences and allergies to consider.We only eat veggies, poultry, pasta and seafood.My sister has TMJ ( which makes it hard for her to chew.I also have to consider the budget and time of preparation.

So most of the time I cook what we are used to eating.That would result in pasta (pesto, tomato or mushroom sauce as long as there are ingredients in the cupboard). Chicken dishes in tomato sauce, sautéed veggies, fried or steamed or grilled fish. We even wrote down menu for the whole month but still it gives me a headache thinking of what to prepare. But sometimes circumstances would arise that would alter the course of our planned meals. Thus, the headache of mine, let me think of a menu that would suit todays events an my beloved customers  🙂

Thank God for the dilemma it still makes me think that we are fortunate to be thinking of what to eat. I know it’s such a nonsense but it’s quite fun to worry over this than stress myself on other problems way bigger than me (he he he). Enough of this…folks I gotta stop this blog first need to start cooking it will be dark soon…and my hungry audience awaits.

If you have any suggestions please do share it with me. Thank you in advance!


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