The question is WHY?

A simple yet meaningful hug from her sister opened her mind to ask WHY? Why did she stopped expressing her true emotions physically to those she truly cherish? Why do she dislike showing her affection through hugging her love ones? Why can’t she hug in return? Why doesn’t she allow herself to receive hugs?

Another sister of hers told her that maybe it was because she don’t want to show vulnerability. She have this fancy belief that she needs to be strong if not physically she have to grow even stronger emotionally. Toughen up for the wrong reasons yet for her it’s reasonable enough. Such twisted way of thinking yet intriguing. She often defend her actions by her bitter past  but that won’t really justify it correctly. She has no right to punish herself  especially the people closest to her.

Does she really hate the feeling of being hugged? She often dodge hugs by saying it irritates her because she has a severe case of asthma when she was young. Then when she became an adult she would just shrugged and turn away if  a hug is on her way. Silly isn’t it? As a matter of fact she does love the feeling of hugging someone, but most of those people she hugged are either gone or have caused her psychological trauma. She doesn’t want the people around her now to leave another scar if she starts to open up and express her affection.

Do you think there is a deeper meaning to this? Do you think it’s better for her to start hugging those she treasure most? Well now is the time to show your affection, tell what’s on your mind? Share your comments and advises. She certainly needs them.


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