Stay still

A 7-year-old kid today will not stay put even if you say so…

Bribing wont even do you good…

most teenagers would be okay if you get into an agreement,

but it is different for this younger ones…

Most kids today are with Attention Deficit HyperActivity disorder

but personally I think these kids are just moving

according to the speed of their on.

They are just seeking attention, like normal kids do too

but only in a different way and pacing.

So it is not wise to say stay still

unless you are willing to give your full attention… your love


2 thoughts on “Stay still

  1. bendedspoon says:

    you made me think right now.

    yes, it maskes sense to say ‘stay still’ when you’re willing to stay with him and give your full attention and love. could this be true with adults? could we stop being restless if somebody gives us his full attention and love? i think we all have the reason to stay still if we only know whom to receive that attention and love sincerely. we may be restless because we’re expecting it from someone else.

    thanks for this. i will remember it, the next time i am tempted to tell my kids, ‘stay still’ 🙂

  2. iolair05 says:

    well actually I realized this just recently with my kids (:
    and will really practice it always…

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