Chapter 2 : The intimate dance

As we race against time every minute of practice counts. We are exploring each others soul through this new style that I’ve recently learned, Argentine tango. I am enjoying our practices but I just can’t stop myself from looking into Alec. He is so intensely sexy, his movements are flawless and yet so masculine. He leads me with immense strength and care. And as  look closer I seem to get attracted to his lovely boyish yet manly face. His square forehead, prominent cheekbones, angular jaw – balanced, strong, masculine, perfect nose, small smiling eyes and lips that gives an intriguing smile that would mesmerize you. “Oh, enough of those nasty thoughts, practice Valerie and make sure you two win tomorrow night.” I whispered as I walked towards him. “Valerie, I guess we have to hit the sack now, we practiced for 6 days straight I don’t want you wearing out on me tomorrow night. get a good night’s rest and I’ll take you and Claudette out for lunch.

I woke up the next day feeling so nervous and excited at the same time. Claudette immediately pulled me out of bed and took me to the bathroom where she has set up a spa treatment for me, complete with music and candles. She gave me a nice relaxing body massage to calm my nerves. I must have dozed off because when I came to my senses I was laying on my stomach with only a towel on my butt as I felt big warm hands giving me acupressure around my nape, I almost jolted upright when the person spoke. “Are you relaxed enough Mademoiselle?” That deep husky voice belonged to Alec, I tried very hard to compose myself as I replied, “Very much kind sir, now if you’ll excuse me I need to dress up and prepare for our luncheon. And do you mind calling Claudette on your way out?” Alec did not seem to budge yet continued to put pressure on my nape. “I sent her out, I asked her to pick up your costume for tonight’s contest and I already asked the cook to prepare our lunch here at your room, I ordered French cuisine specially for you just like the first diner we had. I know you are not that fond of English teas and menu. And don’t worry I can help you in your bath, I prepare a nice warm tub already and your clothes are all pressed.” He said with his wicked smile. I thanked him and stood up naked and went to the tub. I know I put up a brave face but at the back of my mind I was rebelling against this hideous man. But to my greater shock he stayed in the bathroom with me until I finished dressing up, he even zipped me up and combed my hair. When we went to the dining room food was ready and Claudette just came in. “You look well rested Valerie, I guess Monsieur Mowatt really knows how to pamper a lady that he abused for the past 6 days.” She said as she glared at Alec. “I have here the dress you asked me to pick up. Now we have to eat because Mademoiselle hasn’t eaten a morsel of food since this morning.”

Lunch passed on quietly to my surprise neither Alec nor Claudette spoke. “Je vais vous chercher ce soir à 8.” with that Alec left us. Claudette was amused, “So he does speak French, you still have enough time to rest cheri, I’ll make sure you are ready by 8pm.” It was a minute before 8pm when Alec knocked at my door. Claudette received him as I checked my reflection one more time and went out to greet him. The look on his face was priceless, I made the devil drop his jaw in amazement. “I almost did not recognized you. You look étourdissement – stunning yet it’s like a totally different person and the dress fits you perfectly.” turning to Claudette who is now helping me with my frock. “I must say, you did great missy.” offering his arm he leaned down and whispered to me, “Je vais profiter de cette nuit.” The ride to The Crypt was nerve-racking not because I’ll be competing but because of this annoying yet handsome guy beside me. Though he is just my age he doesn’t act like it. there is an air of arrogance now but before it was gallantry. He shows off such confidence that makes him so masculine yet still boyish. But on the dance floor he is a totally different persona. You see Argentine Tango maybe described as a”conversation on the dance floor” or “a way of life” but to me “it’s a passionate dance, an intimate exchange of souls”. There is no pulling or pushing even though its concept is to lead and follow, its radically different from the other dances. I follow him by “feeling” his shoulders or the space between us, essentially trying to keep our bodies parallel and in front of him. Thus, requires my permanent attention – the connection, his needs are my focus or else I cannot follow him. On the other hand Alec in turn has to be very clear and decisive with what he is doing or is intending to do, otherwise I don’t have a chance to follow him. So as we danced Tango both our attention are focused on each other, our souls are conversing in a passionate and graceful dance. We ended our dance with a very passionate kiss, took my breath literally, good thing Alec was holding me as we left the dance floor. We won the first place and left immediately for my hotel where we had a nightcap. Claudette went out with Alec’s friend to go bar hopping.


One thought on “Chapter 2 : The intimate dance

  1. bendedspoon says:

    have i missed something in here?
    is this a good novel story
    or is this the great you?
    here’s my great applause
    for either of the 2! wow!

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