Chapter 6 : Blue Rose Wedding

I was staring at my reflection, the make up emphasized my eyes, it complimented well with my baroque gown in medieval renaissance Tudor dress design, the black velvet and gold brocade. Claudette loosely tied my hair in a bun with loose tendrils. Today’s the day, I’m going to walk down that aisle and exchange promises to Charlie. Up until now, I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m going to be Madame Graham and will be living in Notting hill mansion. wasn’t it just a month ago I turned 18, got engaged and now this. I could not believe it either when Charlie took me to London as an engagement gift for a week. He even invited Claudette and Alec to stay with us in his mansion at Notting hill. I was like in a dream, free to travel around London by day and by night the four of us will dance till we drop at The Crypt. I learned a lot from Charlie, he loves dancing so much it’s like a contagious illness that spreads all over the body down to the next person. From day 1 to-day 4, Charlie never left my side, but on the 5th day he was suddenly called back to New York to sign one of his biggest project leaving the three of us to continue our London escapade of course Bruce was there tagging along, well actually guarding me and my every move but Charlie returned the following day. On the seventh day, our last day,Charlie and Claudette went to the city and talked with the wedding planner and her teams of men and women in charge of my wedding and soon to be Claudette’s. On the other hand Alec and I stayed in our own rooms at the mansion. As I checked on Alec whom I’ve heard was now coming down with a fever the incident happened. He pulled me to his bed as I checked for his temperature and suddenly kissed me aggressively as his hands explored my body at the same time. It was such a suffocating kiss, it was like drowning in the warmth and the passion, I did everything I could to get out of his grip but in the end I ended up kissing him back, then the kisses started to taste very sweet then suddenly he stopped moving, Alec passed out apparently from his high fever. When Charlie and Claudette came home that night, Alec’s fever came down already but leaving the air of awkwardness. I could not put myself to face Claudette and Alec now, luckily Charlie and I returned to France that night leaving the two and that incident behind. I know it was all because of his fever and nothing else. Then a sudden knock at my door jolted me back to reality. “Ready?!” It was Claudette. “Valerie, you look so beautiful! Everyone is waiting.” We descended the stairs and went out my villa, as we took the secret path towards the Blue Rose garden where the ceremony will take place I suddenly stopped and embraced Claudette. “You know how much I love you, you are like a sister to me, you’re my only best friend and now as you look so alluring in that lovely Japanese kimono marching as my bridesmaid, you make me feel so relaxed and envious.” She started laughing, “Silly girl, so you wanted to wear the kimono after all. Hahaha, and to think that you deliberately planned everyone’s attire today. Anyway, kidding aside, I am really happy for you. Just like me you found the man who will truly make you happy. I will be seeing you more often now since you two will be living in London. Now let’s get going.” Claudette guided me towards daddy and went to her place in line. “You look so beautiful your mother would’ve been so happy and proud. You are my one and only treasure, my  family, after your mother died you were all that matters to me that’s why I worked hard to build an empire for you my sweet. Now that my little princes found a man who will love you and put your happiness first I can finally rest. Though I’m sad to give you away in marriage, I’m happy for you.” Then my father embraced me warmly and kissed my forehead as tears began to swell.  As I walked down the Blue Rose garden aisle, I can’t help but remember my childhood days and the 31 days I’ve known Charlie.

As we exchanged vows in poetry, we exchanges poesy rings bearing the message a vila mon coeur gardi li mo – here is my heart guard it well accompanied  by a Sapphire oval ring.  After the ceremony, we all went inside the main hall where a four-layered black and white cake sits in  the middle of the long buffet table. It was delicately assembled, the cake was a combination of carrot, almond, chocolate fudge and ginger spice flavors.  and was topped with a small bouquet of  Blue roses. The food was in Western and Eastern cuisine that also includes my favorite French delicacies. Everything went so grand and smoothly, We danced Tango, Rumba, Salsa and Waltz till our feet hurt. It was such an overwhelming experience for me. The next day both Charlie and I bid daddy au revoir, we will now be living as married couple at his mansion in Notting hill after our 3 weeks Asian honeymoon tour.


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