Windy Tales – my version…amazed

This is my version of “Windy Tales”

It’s just a part of my collection. I am not a pro on photography and I was on a plane going home so the shots are not as defined as I’d like them to be.

I love how these clouds shift shapes and shades. From the cauliflower heads to the waves of the sea. Snow white cotton balls here and there, like the back of a lamb flock that’s moving forward. I also thought of cotton candies.

I felt like a kid wanting to run around, jump from cloud to cloud, and even swim the vast sea of fluffiness.


SYTYCD Season 4: favorite dancers and dance routines

So You Think You Can Dance really is a great reality T.V show. My family and I would watch every routines intently and would talk about it even on commercial breaks. It’s wonderful to see talented people develop and grow more  like blossoming flowers showcasing their awesome gracefulness and beauty.

I love watching Joshua Allen (such nice ass  😀 ), Katee Shean ( best female dancer for season 4), Chelsie Hightower (the most gorgeous high-powered set of legs), Courtney Galiano (cute face matched with a perfect body that is too great to cover up) and Twitch (great hip-hop dancer even though he’s too tall for it)…I also adore Comfort (specially with that nice attitude of hers, the youngest) and Gev (adorable and great dancer…he just lacks the height though). And the following clips are a few of my favorite routines…. hope you’ll liked them too.

was surfing the net and remembered this song… “No Air” not much of a fan for these genres and the artist but when I saw Katee Shean and Joshua Allen dance a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo (aka NappyTabs), I instanly liked it. Been always a fan of the duo Katee and Josh, who wouldn’t?! their moves are the best.. though SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE produced a handful of dancers that excelled and are successful today.

Chelsie Hightower Mark Kanemura dance a hip-hop routine choreographed by NappyTabs also, comes in second on my favorite list. Song called Bleeding Love by Leona lewis, again not my type of song but every time I hear this song and No Air I would reminisce these dance routines and the shiver and chills keeps on coming back, it’s just like watching them all over again…

Chelsie Hightower Mark Kanemura dance a contempery routine choreographed Mia Michaels, also a favorite of mine. Great !!!

this one is the first Bollywood routine I’ve ever liked (still Katee and Josh, who else)

Joshua Allen dances HipHop with Courtney Galiano, choreographed by Dave Scott song Skippin by Mario (first time I heard this song on the show)

Gev and Courtney dancing Lost by Anouk

 this cha-cha is amazing still by Gev and Courtney

this rumba is sizzling…

Care to share your views and favorites?