A different dish

I was thinking of a dish to serve for dinner last night and I wanted to go vegetarian.  I have in my fridge a squash, chicken fillet and leeks…hmm what do you think I did?

I like experimenting though I have hard time accepting criticism and rejection, but that’s the thrill of experimenting you’ll never know the result until you finished it.

If my youngest sister would be the one to do the dinner she would make squash soup and believe me she does the best Zuppa di Zucca. It’s flavored with peanut butter and all-purpose cream, well she was tired and slept till dinner time so I had no choice but to consult my best friend – GOOGLE !!! I typed in the ingredients that I have and viola!!! the squash soup kept appearing…my ego would get bashed up when  my other sister would come home from work and taste my cooking, she is the best critique  ever.

Then I found a recipe called Squash Lasagna (drooling the instant I saw the picture of lasagna). So here is what I did… I changed lasagna with macaroni (that’s what I have kept in the cupboard) and did not baked it… I sautéed  bits of chicken fillet in butter added some leeks, seasoned it with pepper and salt, tossed in the diced squash ( its natural juices were combined with the flavorings and butter) then I added some water as the squash softens mash it up and add the macaroni, add more water until the pasta is cook. Add cheese , dried oregano, rosemary,  basil and all-purpose cream. Constantly stirring until everything is well incorporated.  The end product was good and nutritious, it’s too rich though for my kids and sisters’ palate that you’d want something fried and salty with it… like a  deep-fried breaded fish fillets. The dinner turned out quite well.  That’s one healthy adventure for me that I’d definitely do all over again….


Help!!! What’s for dinner?

It’s such a dilemma for I am not that great of a cook nor brave enough to express my adventurous side to culinary arts. Well as a matter of fact I imagine things beyond reasons, preparing exquisite meals to feed my 3 kids and 2 sisters, but we all have our own meal preferences and allergies to consider.We only eat veggies, poultry, pasta and seafood.My sister has TMJ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TMJ) which makes it hard for her to chew.I also have to consider the budget and time of preparation.

So most of the time I cook what we are used to eating.That would result in pasta (pesto, tomato or mushroom sauce as long as there are ingredients in the cupboard). Chicken dishes in tomato sauce, sautéed veggies, fried or steamed or grilled fish. We even wrote down menu for the whole month but still it gives me a headache thinking of what to prepare. But sometimes circumstances would arise that would alter the course of our planned meals. Thus, the headache of mine, let me think of a menu that would suit todays events an my beloved customers  🙂

Thank God for the dilemma it still makes me think that we are fortunate to be thinking of what to eat. I know it’s such a nonsense but it’s quite fun to worry over this than stress myself on other problems way bigger than me (he he he). Enough of this…folks I gotta stop this blog first need to start cooking it will be dark soon…and my hungry audience awaits.

If you have any suggestions please do share it with me. Thank you in advance!

It’s time!!! (a dreadful yet exciting experience)

Ooh! my teeth are clenched, I’m experiencing a different sensation running through my veins. I am somewhat excited and overwhelmed at the same time my stomach is revolting. I am now in heat, it is like an alcohol that burns within me driving out the fighter in me. Whew! I finally finished a glassful of Kefir.

Kefir or Keefir purportedly from either the Turkish “keyif” (joy/pleasure) or “köpür” ((milk) froth, foam), is a fermented milk drink that originated with shepherds of the Caucasus region, who discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches would occasionally ferment into an effervescent beverage. It is prepared by inoculating cow,goat, or sheep’s milk with kefir grains (see picture on left). We prefer to use Carabao’s milk and substitute it with pure cow’s milk. It helps  aid in lactose digestion. See link for more info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kefir

We have been growing these since December of 2009 a gift from my mom’s friend. The maintenance is somewhat expensive but it is nothing compared to the medical expenses we used to have yearly before we had our Kefir time!!! though the taste is sometimes foul, drinking fermented milk (spoiled milk) much stronger than plain yoghurt is indeed hard but there are times that it’s just another alcohol to drink, we’ll taste varies from your mood, milk used and the temperature the Kefir was fermented the night before. But as long as it is good for our digestive system, our health the taste is the least for us to consider.

From a teaspoon sized Kefiran now we are up to a teacupful…my sister posted an ad “share your Kefir” just a couple of days ago and had responses from different parts of the Metro. Care to experience it? It’s time!  🙂