SYTYCD Season 4: favorite dancers and dance routines

So You Think You Can Dance really is a great reality T.V show. My family and I would watch every routines intently and would talk about it even on commercial breaks. It’s wonderful to see talented people develop and grow more  like blossoming flowers showcasing their awesome gracefulness and beauty.

I love watching Joshua Allen (such nice ass  😀 ), Katee Shean ( best female dancer for season 4), Chelsie Hightower (the most gorgeous high-powered set of legs), Courtney Galiano (cute face matched with a perfect body that is too great to cover up) and Twitch (great hip-hop dancer even though he’s too tall for it)…I also adore Comfort (specially with that nice attitude of hers, the youngest) and Gev (adorable and great dancer…he just lacks the height though). And the following clips are a few of my favorite routines…. hope you’ll liked them too.

was surfing the net and remembered this song… “No Air” not much of a fan for these genres and the artist but when I saw Katee Shean and Joshua Allen dance a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo (aka NappyTabs), I instanly liked it. Been always a fan of the duo Katee and Josh, who wouldn’t?! their moves are the best.. though SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE produced a handful of dancers that excelled and are successful today.

Chelsie Hightower Mark Kanemura dance a hip-hop routine choreographed by NappyTabs also, comes in second on my favorite list. Song called Bleeding Love by Leona lewis, again not my type of song but every time I hear this song and No Air I would reminisce these dance routines and the shiver and chills keeps on coming back, it’s just like watching them all over again…

Chelsie Hightower Mark Kanemura dance a contempery routine choreographed Mia Michaels, also a favorite of mine. Great !!!

this one is the first Bollywood routine I’ve ever liked (still Katee and Josh, who else)

Joshua Allen dances HipHop with Courtney Galiano, choreographed by Dave Scott song Skippin by Mario (first time I heard this song on the show)

Gev and Courtney dancing Lost by Anouk

 this cha-cha is amazing still by Gev and Courtney

this rumba is sizzling…

Care to share your views and favorites?


childhood crush

I recently found out that an elementary classmate of mine had a crush on me. It’s a real shocker! All those years I thought I was the ugly duckling of the class… hahaha who are you kidding! it’s not that important now. I don’t think of things like such. He is now a friend in my social site, we chat if we get the chance. Earlier this day he asked me how to get to as specific place, a company wherein he will have his interview the next day…well, since I’m in front of my PC I can Google the map in seconds. Gave him the instructions and even sent him the link. All of a sudden he asked me to meet up after the job interview and have dinner at my place. When I asked why, He replied “It’s important in life to be in contact/connection with old friends before moving on with life”. Gosh, who are you kidding!!!!! It’s such a lousy excuse.

Stalking or spying?


Have you ever stalked someone? I often react casually when I hear about stalkers, be it for good or bad purposes. Little did I know that I was a stalker too or was it just spying? Oh, I don’t know you be the judge.

It started out with a neighbor of ours, she is around 20 years of age, petite and works in a call center. I don’t know what interests me but I just found myself getting excited whenever I see her pass by our house. From my room I’d follow her as she walks along the hall of the building apartment where we share the same floor. I discovered where she worked, I can even sense her whenever she approaches. Sometimes I purposely would wait for her, if I miss I would still pick up her scent in the hallway. Pretty weird, keep in mind that I was brought up not to mind strangers and neighbors, we respect and greet them if we happen to see or pass by them but we do mind our own business and don’t stick our noses beyond our personal spaces. So you see what I have been doing is really extra-ordinary, way beyond my beliefs and capabilities. When she ran away from home I still got to hear bits and pieces of about her from her family (some high-tech radar ear I have haha).

Then around that time I had encountered a new neighbor again sharing the same floor we are in. I was caught of guard, I was reading manga online very late one night when he asked me which site I was reading from. He was on the other side of the window where the pc was. He was actually looking at my manga!!! Although he introduced himself, I instantly shrugged him of with my short non-emotional reply without looking at him. How absurd! Coming from me, who enjoys meeting new people, having friends around and enjoying the outside world. Well I thought that was the end of it but since that night I started taking notes of who he lives with and what interest him most…well I know one thing for sure we both share the same interest because he said to me that night “we are indeed both otaku” 

So in total I have two different neighbors I am keeping notes now because the first neighbor I’m interested in is now back . Now starts another chapter of my stalking/spying game…