2010 to 2011

As the year 2010 bids farewell, I suddenly had these flashbacks of the events that happened, the highlights and the not so wonderful things that made me what I am now. I learned from the different sides of ME, I got acquainted with the vulnerable side which I tried to suppress for years, got to see the stronger side of ME, I even got the chance to be acquainted again with my childhood. I felt pain, sadness, overwhelmed, overjoyed and at peace.

Still at times I tend to forget and return to the old ME that I dealt with and keeping ¬†what I’ve learned to proper use. Keeping myself in check and facing the challenges up ahead, I can say that I am looking forward in welcoming 2011 with a fresher and more positive outlook. I have indeed learned a lot from 2010 and a part from that I know I have accomplished so much from the old “ME”.