A poker face for the Immigrant Visa

Leigh just heard the news a while ago that her daughter, whom she last held when her baby was about 7 months old, is now being petitioned, by the grandfather. The father whose immigrant visa just came through is now awaiting his daughter’s.
Leigh kept the poker face, this is what’s best for her and this is what must done. Leigh wants her daughter’s future to be happy and secure. She knew someday they would meet her again…
“May the angels guard and guide you back to me in time.” Leigh sighed, deep behind that poker face is a mother grieving and yearning for a child she once had in her arms.


Moon’s Influence

I always find myself every night staring at the moon; somehow it puts me in this trance that takes most of my strength and effort just to turn around. I get fascinated by the brightness it emits in the night sky. Whether the sky is clear or overcast, she always finds her way to shine. It’s as if the moon summons me, the gravity keeps pulling me to stare and be captivated. It is like an enchantress up in the sky, calling for her worshipers to admire her even more. As the full moon rises and her color changes, what else can you do but stare?

I’ve heard a lot of myths wherein werewolves transform when a full moon arises. It’s common to folklores way back from the medieval times and even the ancient Greeks. These are so-called humans whose ability  is to shape shift into a wolflike beast ravaging into the night.  Now once bitten or cursed a human can become a werewolf granted the moon is full. You can never really recognize the person inside as they transform, their face becomes elongated, dog-like savages, from normal canines to beastly fangs, their body weight and height doubles as claws grow long and wolf like fur covers every inch of their body. Folklore or myth these stories kept people from wandering at night in those days. Other’s associate the full moon with vampires, since they are nocturnal creatures. Being most powerful in the night doing anything and everything they please. It is said that the moon gives them extra power and stamina to deal with their huntings and feedings. Been a fan of these folklores, read so many novels and watch many movies, though at times it gives me the creeps, most often it fascinates me.

The moon also has great influence with people; they seem to behave erratically and become so loose in words and in action. That is why they used the word “lunatic” to describe these people who act as if they are crazy. Well there really is no proof on any of these claims; maybe it’s just the thought of seeing a full moon that gives people excuse.

But no matter stories derived from its influence, I know that when I look at the moon, I see myself staring back. Lonely yet reflects brilliance for others who look upon her. Sad yet often attracts patrons. Secretive yet alluring. These feelings and traits pains me and yet calms me at the same time as I share it with her.

Y and Z at a school program

Y is younger than Z by 3 years, active, outspoken, sporty and will not stay still. While Z on the other hand is the complete opposite, shy and timid, soft-spoken, introvert and fragile.

But today in their school program I’ve seen them both in a different way, both on the same level of enthusiasm, same level of attention, but definitely with different goals.

The school program commemorates the Filipino language so the students were to dress up in the Filipino traditional outfits, sing Filipino-Nationalistic songs, compete on solo and group declaration (of course in Filipino language). Thus the program went well even though there were some technical difficulties experienced and some disorder with the parents trying to take photos and videos of their kids even if they are blocking the parent behind them, it was a success.

After the fun-filled and tiring half day program, i got to see Y and Z’s faces again when I was uploading their still photos from the digital camera to our computer. I got to see their real smile, I really understood that even though they have different goals for this day, the result were the same. Both of them were so happy…genuinely happy. Such pure sweet hearts, easy to please and to ease. I would not let anything steal these smiles away from them. Looking forward for more….

Stay still

A 7-year-old kid today will not stay put even if you say so…

Bribing wont even do you good…

most teenagers would be okay if you get into an agreement,

but it is different for this younger ones…

Most kids today are with Attention Deficit HyperActivity disorder

but personally I think these kids are just moving

according to the speed of their on.

They are just seeking attention, like normal kids do too

but only in a different way and pacing.

So it is not wise to say stay still

unless you are willing to give your full attention… your love

Their LOVE Story

I heard her story when she first graced her appearance to our Victory Group (a bible study group – but not your conventional one) where she shared her “love” story. With that very touching story she was also interviewed at 700 Club Asia. A VERY REAL, sad love story that gave me shivers when I first heard of it.

Then yesterday I attended our church’s Leaders’ Convergence, they shared her story, this time it was in a video with her husband. I was really in tears and thought that miracle can happen to anyone who seeks God for intervention. And with our church starting a new series today entitled “Infinitude” where in it tackles about God’s immeasurable attributes. It’s a four-part series; this week’s topic is about “Immutable” – wherein God’s attributes NEVER change. The pastor sited so many samples of changes around us even the relationships we are in, especially when we do not focus on fixed points, like God, who never changes. His mind, purpose, plan and promises…again they showed Tina’s video. Even as I write it now my eyes get clouded with tears of hope, joy and love…

You see Tina is a real fighter, a real believer and follower of God. She got married because she was about to gave birth to their son, and as like all married couples problem arose and things got difficult. They already had 2 sons when her husband started cheating on her and left them. The husband even said (on the video) that he thought that God would accept what he did because he put the blame all on her, he filed for an annulment. During those times Tina sought God. Read the bible with her sons and continued praying asking God for guidance and intervention. His husband on the other hand was feeling incomplete instead of the freedom that he thought he would feel after leaving his family. He was left with nothing,, no God, no family and no wife.

Then he went to pastoral counseling went to Victory Weekend, got baptized again and got born-again …again. He started courting Tina, went on dates with her, took her out-of-town, and gave flowers and card saying “I love you”. And after 9 long years they got married…again. As Tina puts it, “it’s still a work in progress” but as God as the center of their relationship, their family the drastic changes that happened before that ruined them is now turning completely around. Their family is now happily living the way God planned it, God promised us that whoever seeks, will find, whoever asked will be answered…true to His words, He answered Tina’s prayers. Truly nothing is impossible with our One true God. He never changes His plans, His Promises, His mind and His Love for all of us…He has a different approach, different ways with dealing with all of us. So why fix your focus on things that would gradually fade away, Earthly treasures, Worldly needs and happiness will not last forever.

Her story gave me hope, joy and sadness all at the same time…will I have the same miracles, good changes , turns and chances in life? Well, I already am confident that I can answer this with a big YES! I got involved with the church and so are my 3 kids… and true enough the changes in our lives even without my husband beside me is good and gave me peace of mind because I know that My God , my savior, my provider is also my kids’ FATHER and my best friend, my partner forever and that will never change. A testimony for everyone to listen and learn that relying on your own strength and own capabilities are never enough.

With immeasurable faith in God her story will be mine or yours one day…

SYTYCD Season 4: favorite dancers and dance routines

So You Think You Can Dance really is a great reality T.V show. My family and I would watch every routines intently and would talk about it even on commercial breaks. It’s wonderful to see talented people develop and grow more  like blossoming flowers showcasing their awesome gracefulness and beauty.

I love watching Joshua Allen (such nice ass  😀 ), Katee Shean ( best female dancer for season 4), Chelsie Hightower (the most gorgeous high-powered set of legs), Courtney Galiano (cute face matched with a perfect body that is too great to cover up) and Twitch (great hip-hop dancer even though he’s too tall for it)…I also adore Comfort (specially with that nice attitude of hers, the youngest) and Gev (adorable and great dancer…he just lacks the height though). And the following clips are a few of my favorite routines…. hope you’ll liked them too.

was surfing the net and remembered this song… “No Air” not much of a fan for these genres and the artist but when I saw Katee Shean and Joshua Allen dance a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo (aka NappyTabs), I instanly liked it. Been always a fan of the duo Katee and Josh, who wouldn’t?! their moves are the best.. though SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE produced a handful of dancers that excelled and are successful today.

Chelsie Hightower Mark Kanemura dance a hip-hop routine choreographed by NappyTabs also, comes in second on my favorite list. Song called Bleeding Love by Leona lewis, again not my type of song but every time I hear this song and No Air I would reminisce these dance routines and the shiver and chills keeps on coming back, it’s just like watching them all over again…

Chelsie Hightower Mark Kanemura dance a contempery routine choreographed Mia Michaels, also a favorite of mine. Great !!!

this one is the first Bollywood routine I’ve ever liked (still Katee and Josh, who else)

Joshua Allen dances HipHop with Courtney Galiano, choreographed by Dave Scott song Skippin by Mario (first time I heard this song on the show)

Gev and Courtney dancing Lost by Anouk

 this cha-cha is amazing still by Gev and Courtney

this rumba is sizzling…

Care to share your views and favorites?

A different dish

I was thinking of a dish to serve for dinner last night and I wanted to go vegetarian.  I have in my fridge a squash, chicken fillet and leeks…hmm what do you think I did?

I like experimenting though I have hard time accepting criticism and rejection, but that’s the thrill of experimenting you’ll never know the result until you finished it.

If my youngest sister would be the one to do the dinner she would make squash soup and believe me she does the best Zuppa di Zucca. It’s flavored with peanut butter and all-purpose cream, well she was tired and slept till dinner time so I had no choice but to consult my best friend – GOOGLE !!! I typed in the ingredients that I have and viola!!! the squash soup kept appearing…my ego would get bashed up when  my other sister would come home from work and taste my cooking, she is the best critique  ever.

Then I found a recipe called Squash Lasagna (drooling the instant I saw the picture of lasagna). So here is what I did… I changed lasagna with macaroni (that’s what I have kept in the cupboard) and did not baked it… I sautéed  bits of chicken fillet in butter added some leeks, seasoned it with pepper and salt, tossed in the diced squash ( its natural juices were combined with the flavorings and butter) then I added some water as the squash softens mash it up and add the macaroni, add more water until the pasta is cook. Add cheese , dried oregano, rosemary,  basil and all-purpose cream. Constantly stirring until everything is well incorporated.  The end product was good and nutritious, it’s too rich though for my kids and sisters’ palate that you’d want something fried and salty with it… like a  deep-fried breaded fish fillets. The dinner turned out quite well.  That’s one healthy adventure for me that I’d definitely do all over again….