Forum Life

I heard a lot about forums and stuff but never tried to visit or join one. I have this site where I read stuff, it has forums and members, I was hesitant at first but after visiting the site for Two months I decided to get registered, free registration actually.  Fixed up my profile, posted pictures, sketches, joined groups and started visiting the forums. I found myself posting replies to the games and got hooked. Then I started to have friends, spending the usual reading time (online) with them chatting, exchanging stories and opinions on stuff, comments and reviews. I then got myself so involved in their “personal lives” yet always having the benefit of the doubt. Is he/she telling the truth? I really found most of my so-called online friends truthful but there are still people who’d make up stories after stories. Some I even received emails from their personal accounts, even knew their real names and their life stories. We get to share a lot of things in their “real world” too. But when I visit other threads where they also post, I get to see the other side of the mask, their mask…how they perceive things, how open-minded they are and who they really are…I guess it’s all in the matter of what you want others to see you as…or what you want to tell others, what you want to share with them…the real life or the forum life. So the question is right now…which side of ME have I really shown them?


childhood crush

I recently found out that an elementary classmate of mine had a crush on me. It’s a real shocker! All those years I thought I was the ugly duckling of the class… hahaha who are you kidding! it’s not that important now. I don’t think of things like such. He is now a friend in my social site, we chat if we get the chance. Earlier this day he asked me how to get to as specific place, a company wherein he will have his interview the next day…well, since I’m in front of my PC I can Google the map in seconds. Gave him the instructions and even sent him the link. All of a sudden he asked me to meet up after the job interview and have dinner at my place. When I asked why, He replied “It’s important in life to be in contact/connection with old friends before moving on with life”. Gosh, who are you kidding!!!!! It’s such a lousy excuse.

Full of crap…

This one is full of crap!

Have you enjoyed making up stories to cover up for your little mistakes? I guess…hehehe I often laugh at mere white lies. Can you imagine yourself savoring white lies? It is quite fun having these nonsense escape you. It is a wishful thinking, release of what’s suppose to consume your common sense.  Let me see if I can generate examples of what I want to convey to you readers…

There was this lady whom I am friends with for years now, she always tells me stuff which I would love to hear, or so she thought, because whenever we converse I would rather agree and smile back at her. And when she would ask me things I was suppose to have accomplished for her I would simply make up an excuse, just a small one-close to the truth to cover up for my shortcomings or mistakes.

I am not a techie, I don’t understand or even bother to be updated from all  new stuff that is being upgraded every now and then. Mobile phones are indeed proven essential yet I don’t think owning the latest and most expensive one is necessary but I do like seeing new gadgets once in a while.

I always pretend to be the “know all” person…when in fact I would just learn things when I need to…just that a keen pick up is very useful to me, though I am a bookworm and would often adopt what I can. I just enjoy being the know all person that I am now… but do you know that sometimes acting as if you’re dumb is quiet exciting and fun? you ought to try it …