Windy Tales – my version…amazed

This is my version of “Windy Tales”

It’s just a part of my collection. I am not a pro on photography and I was on a plane going home so the shots are not as defined as I’d like them to be.

I love how these clouds shift shapes and shades. From the cauliflower heads to the waves of the sea. Snow white cotton balls here and there, like the back of a lamb flock that’s moving forward. I also thought of cotton candies.

I felt like a kid wanting to run around, jump from cloud to cloud, and even swim the vast sea of fluffiness.


Manhwa follower

Been reading, actually following volumes of Manga from all genres and I have almost finished most of them so now I am actually into Korean Manhwa, Hwang Mi Ri and Han Yu Rang though on the same genre it somehow keeps me busy and gives me backgrounds on some writing styles. Now I’m checking out Hyun Ju Suh. What’s the most interesting manga/manhwa/manhua you’ve read?

and life at continues…

OMG!!! it’s been a while since I last blogged. I’ve been busy. Reading manga and watching anime, it takes  a lot of time and effort  XD.

Now where should I start? I got inspired to start blogging again just a few moments ago by a blog that I’ve followed which belongs to Sylphalchemist, it’s particularly about manga, which will start a new project, blogging everyday, putting up reviews and spoils aside from its regular blogs. That is a swell idea for a random blogger like me… I am still searching for my style and genre. I was thinking of doing some manga reviews too, well I practically announced that I am a fan coming out of my shell :3 I still have to gather up my thoughts and review the manga volumes that I’ve read, series of anime and OVA that I’ve watched and build an entertaining approach. Now, I’d like that to happen. I guess I’ll start this month and luckily I might post some in a weeks time.

Now I better rest because my brain is overloading…haha ideas of what to write and which to post is flowing endlessly…Mata atode aimahou!