Can I just greet everyone and resume the silence?

Remember the reason for this Season’s Celebration not the person who gave you gifts. Not those who greeted you nor those who forgot. But be cheerful and sincere and share a gift of service 🙂

Joyeux Noël

will resume next year and update you all of the adventures and misfortunes 🙂

Windy Tales – my version…amazed

This is my version of “Windy Tales”

It’s just a part of my collection. I am not a pro on photography and I was on a plane going home so the shots are not as defined as I’d like them to be.

I love how these clouds shift shapes and shades. From the cauliflower heads to the waves of the sea. Snow white cotton balls here and there, like the back of a lamb flock that’s moving forward. I also thought of cotton candies.

I felt like a kid wanting to run around, jump from cloud to cloud, and even swim the vast sea of fluffiness.

Forum Life

I heard a lot about forums and stuff but never tried to visit or join one. I have this site where I read stuff, it has forums and members, I was hesitant at first but after visiting the site for Two months I decided to get registered, free registration actually.  Fixed up my profile, posted pictures, sketches, joined groups and started visiting the forums. I found myself posting replies to the games and got hooked. Then I started to have friends, spending the usual reading time (online) with them chatting, exchanging stories and opinions on stuff, comments and reviews. I then got myself so involved in their “personal lives” yet always having the benefit of the doubt. Is he/she telling the truth? I really found most of my so-called online friends truthful but there are still people who’d make up stories after stories. Some I even received emails from their personal accounts, even knew their real names and their life stories. We get to share a lot of things in their “real world” too. But when I visit other threads where they also post, I get to see the other side of the mask, their mask…how they perceive things, how open-minded they are and who they really are…I guess it’s all in the matter of what you want others to see you as…or what you want to tell others, what you want to share with them…the real life or the forum life. So the question is right now…which side of ME have I really shown them?

2010 to 2011

As the year 2010 bids farewell, I suddenly had these flashbacks of the events that happened, the highlights and the not so wonderful things that made me what I am now. I learned from the different sides of ME, I got acquainted with the vulnerable side which I tried to suppress for years, got to see the stronger side of ME, I even got the chance to be acquainted again with my childhood. I felt pain, sadness, overwhelmed, overjoyed and at peace.

Still at times I tend to forget and return to the old ME that I dealt with and keeping  what I’ve learned to proper use. Keeping myself in check and facing the challenges up ahead, I can say that I am looking forward in welcoming 2011 with a fresher and more positive outlook. I have indeed learned a lot from 2010 and a part from that I know I have accomplished so much from the old “ME”.

Eagle’s Eye

Iolair is Gaelic for “Eagle” I once picked up a Druid card that symbolizes me, a guide so to speak..and this animal surfaces and used it as my internet name… pretty cool isn’t it?

I’ve always wanted to soar up in the sky, free and get a glimpse of what’s beyond me… even to spot the smallest creature in search for food on the grounds. Be the king or queen of the sky with nothing to fear of, then again I’d land and wake up from that dream and look at how these awesome creatures really are through my own eagle eyes, the internet. Awestruck! Back in my seat and wondering how magnificent they really are.